Alabama Umbrella Fishing Rig

Brown Red
Dark Blue
Spotted Blue

This is Too Effective For Fishing!

🎣 Hook more fishes in a single cast 🐟

The Alabama Umbrella Rig is a popular choice for anglers looking to target multiple gamefish. It is perfect for catching Large mouth, Striped bass, and even some Snook.

Catch more fishes


The glitter from the willow blades simulates flashing fish scales, attracting the attention of big fish from a distance.

Alabama fishing rig


Features high-quality, super-fast snaps and swivel joints to ensure perfection when hooking multiple fish at the same time.

Great quality fishing lure

It is not uncommon to catch more than 1 fish at a time on this rig. And they are great for species other than bass. Basically anything that feeds on shad won't be able to resist.


✅ Imitate a school of shads in the water
✅ Attracts fish from long distance
✅ Hook multiple fishes at once

You can add extra scent and trolling lures to this Alabama rig for more bass attraction. This is great for catching more fish at your favorite fishing spot.

Umbrella rig with lures

You will be amazed at how easy to catch fishes every time!



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