NuKids™ Baby Car Mirror

"I absolutely love this mirror! It’s large, so there’s no issues with viewing the baby while driving. The straps are adjustable and don’t slide around like other items we’ve had. I placed it where we could actually hang a lightweight activity bar from it, and it allows him to view himself in the mirror and the toys, while allowing me to see him in the mirror. It seems to be very well made and designed!"

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Always Keep Your Baby In Sight!

Any new parent knows how nervous it can make you when riding with a newborn baby in the back seat. When you can’t see your baby and it begins to cry, cough, or make other noises, it can be difficult to be sure they are okay. One study has even shown that nearly 76.4% of drivers spend more than 2-seconds looking back at children in the rear seat, some even turning back to check on them.

The NUKIDS™ baby car mirror provides a simple solution to an age-old problem. It is a fully adjustable, large-sized mirror that makes it possible for you to see what your baby is doing with just a glance into your rearview mirror. Whether running errands or going on a long car ride, you and your child will be safer. They may even be amused by being able to see themselves in the mirror!

Baby Mirror for Car


5 Reasons You Need This In Your Car

Wide Viewing Angle - This baby car mirror is large enough (9.6 x 6.9 inch) to ensure that your child is never out of sight. You will be able to see the baby regardless of which direction they're facing, and they will be able to see you or themselves too. On a car ride, seeing you might help your child feel calmer because they may otherwise feel alone.

Wide Viewing Angle

Crystal Clear Mirror - It does no good to have a car mirror if you cannot see your kid through it. That’s why the NUKIDS™ baby car mirror has a crystal-clear reflection that can easily be seen from the front seat. It can let you see your kid without the haze or fog that other mirrors create, allowing you to properly assure your child's safety and wellness.

Fits Securely On Any Vehicle - The NUKIDS™ baby car mirror fits in any vehicle, due to its two fully adjustable straps. These straps can fit around headrest of any size securely, even on molded headrests. It can't be ripped off by curious babies after it's installed properly.


Fit Securely on Any Vehicle


✅ Fully Adjustable Angle - The NUKIDS™ mirror can pivot 360-degrees on its base so that you can adjust it to any angle for the best view. This means you can easily turn the mirror to see your baby clearly regardless of where they are in the back seat. It can be used in cars, SUVs, vans, etc.

Fully adjustable

Quick & Easy To Install - Installing this car mirror is as simple as snapping it on, adjusting it, and calling it a day. You can get this mirror up and running in a matter of minutes, allowing you to get on with your day. Even removal is easy since all you have to do is unsnap the straps and remove them from the headrest.



Driving Safely With Your Kid

We recognize that worrying for your youngster during a car ride can make it difficult to concentrate on where you're going or the safety of others on the road. It can add unnecessary stress to what should be a straightforward trip, especially if the baby starts crying. It can be a major distraction for you as the driver, as well as posing unnecessary hazards to everyone else..

This NuKids™ Baby Car Mirror is an excellent way to reduce the stress of car rides when you have a kid onboard. It is simple to use, shatterproof for safety, and practical since a quick check in the rearview mirror can offer you peace of mind that your child is fine. This will improve your ability to monitor both the road and your baby while driving.


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