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"Got this for my two year old for the car instead of screen time to keep her occupied. She LOVES it and it’s working on her fine motor skills at the same time so it’s a mom win. It’s well made and has lots of buckles and things to play with. And I like that it folds up and has carrying handles for her to carry. Super happy with it!"

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Your little one will LOVE this activity board!

Toddlers are always busy bees that spend their time playing and exploring the world. This can make life complicated for parents who need for their curious toddler to play quietly while traveling, visiting family, or eating dinner. When a toddler gets bored, they may throw tantrums or find ways to entertain themselves, which can cause disturbances and inconvenient situations for the parents.

The NUKIDS™ activity board for toddlers is designed to help toddlers develop cognitive skills while encouraging quiet playtime. They will discover the magical effects of buckling, snapping, buttoning, and more while you are tidying up, cooking meal, or running errands. It is the perfect alternative to giving young minds screen time to keep them quiet while mommy and daddy do the things they need to do.

Busyboard For Kids


Why Parents Are In Love With This Activity Board

✅ PERFECT FOR DEVELOPING FINE MOTOR SKILLS - Your child needs the chance to explore and experiment while developing important skills like coordination, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. With this activity board, your toddler will be developing these skills whenever they are playing.

✅ HOLDS TODDLERS INTEREST FOR A LONG TIME - According to a Gaertner Study, the average attention span of a toddler is about 4 to 6 minutes. This activity board is designed to capture their attention and hold it for 15 minutes to several hours because there are so many different activities located in one area.

Activities on Busy Board


✅ LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE - The NUKIDS™ activity board is made of felt wool. Unlike wooden activity boards, it is very lightweight at only 0.4-pounds. It is also conveniently sized and easy to take along to a restaurant or in the car for entertainment. When opened fully, it measures just 17.8 x 11.1-inches.

Light weight & portable

✅ SAFE FOR KIDS - Each of the 13 activities on this busy board is designed to be safe for toddlers and small kids. There are no sharp corners, metal buckles, or possible finger pinches waiting here. It is just hours of fun waiting for your busy toddler to learn with it. Suitable for kids age 1 to 4 years old. *Parental supervision is required for younger children.


Sensory board

✅ A STRESS-FREE TOY FOR PARENTS, TOO - Chances are, you get to spend very little time taking care of yourself when your toddler can be awake and active for 6 or more hours per day, according to Mayo Clinic. With this activity board in your “box of tricks,” you will be able to enjoy a peaceful dinner at a restaurant, time in the car/flight, or an afternoon of doing what you want to do, without worry.

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This Busy Board Definitely Does The Trick!

We understand what it is like to deal with the “terrible twos”, which are a flurry of constant activities for toddlers up to 2 years old and beyond. This can be difficult for parents to manage at mealtimes, travel, or social gatherings. You need tools in your arsenal that can combat toddler and parental stresses.

The NUKIDS™ activity board for toddlers can provide you with a little breathing room while helping your child master the skills of toddlerhood. Kids older and younger will also enjoy using it to further develop their skills as they learn how to tie their shoes, button their buttons, and zip their jackets. With our Activity Board, you can enjoy moments of quietness while also providing your child with a tool that keep them occupied for extended time.


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