PawClan™ Calming Bed For Dogs

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"So I just want to say this pet bed is awesome. My 10 lb toy fox terrier hogs my bed all the time. So much so that I've been having trouble sleeping. I put this down last night for her & she's been in it constantly. She absolutely loves this. I know I'm going to have to get 1 for my cat now because he's eyeing it up. Totally recommend!! "

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The Most Relaxing Bed For Dogs

Dogs may seem to be the happiest animals on the planet, but they still may experience stress and anxiety. It’s estimated that one in four dogs feels anxious in some form each day, especially if they encounter loud noises, new people, and other stressors. It can be impossible to keep an anxious pet calm, unless you know what will work for them the best.

The PawClan™ Calming Bed for Dogs is a great solution for reducing stress for pets, because it provides them with a space that they can feel safe. When they are puppies, our nylon bed with faux fur exterior will provide them with fuzzy softness reminiscent of their mother’s embrace. As they age, it will provide them not only security in a stressful world, but relief from painful stiff joints.

Calming Dog Bed

Why Your Dog Will Love This Calming Bed

Provides the Best Sleep - Like humans, most dogs have a sleep position that prefer. Some of the most common sleep positions according to are, lion pose, side sleeping, curled up like a donut, burrowing, or sleeping in a superman position. The rounded shape and raised sides of the PawClan™ Calming Bed will provide a great sleep space for their favorite resting positions.

Reduces K9 Anxiety - According to the American Kennel Club, dogs of any breed can feel anxious when they’re scared, separated from owner, or growing older. This anxiety, and the effects of it, can be reduced by providing them with a place that feels safe for them. The warm fuzziness of these beds will comfort them, which can reduce barking, wetting accidents, and other anxious behaviors.

Donut pet bed benefits


Completely Pet Safe - The PawClan™ Calming Bed for Dogs is made of non-toxic, durable, high-quality PP cotton. It is very safe for your pet to rest on, and even if they chew on it, it will not harm them.

Ideal for Dogs of Any Age - No matter what age your dog is, they can benefit from a comfortable sleeping area. These beds provide puppies with cuddly comfort, and senior dogs with a soft place that can ease joint pain. There are also two sizes available to ensure that your fur babies fit comfortably inside the bed.

Fit for any age


 ✅ Versatile Design - If the PawClan™ Calming Bed becomes dirty, you can wash it by hand or machine wash using the gentle cycle and low tumble dry settings. It has a water and dirt-resistant bottom that helps the pet bed hold its shape. You can even take it along with you when you travel with your pet, thanks to its lightweight design.

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Helping Your Dog Feel Comfortable & Happy

Dealing with a pet’s anxiety, or helping them to overcome it, is not a simple task. If your fur baby seems stressed by the noises around them, being left alone at home, or sirens going down the road outside of your home, you may have to deal with a variety of unappealing behaviors. Some of these behaviors could mean they are not the happy pet that you want them to be.

It may seem unlikely that a pet bed could make your pet less anxious and more comfortable, but it is true. The PawClan™ Calming Bed for Dogs provides warmth, comfort, and security that is usually lacking when pets are sleeping on the floor or other furniture that isn’t designed for them. Your pet will be happy that they have a padded bed with ample support and a place that they can feel safe when the world gets to be too much for them.


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