Non-Stick Copper Frying Pan

Copper frying pans have swept the home cooking world by storm thanks to their incredible non-stick coating, durability and amazing good looks.

With a copper pan, you can now have the incredible-looking lustre of copper but in a natural, safe and ultra-non-stick ceramic coating that makes them a must for your kitchen. With barely any scratching and no more sticking, a copper frying pan gives you the ultimate frying surface.

When you fry with the copper pan, you instantly see how its superb surface gives you incredible control. Heat is absorbed and distributed quickly and evenly so hot spots and burnt areas are a thing of the past.

From sizzling, succulent steaks to fresh fried fish fillets, you can sauté, stir-fry and sear like a pro!

And forget about your food burning in butter or floating in fat, the non-stick qualities of this incredible pan mean that little or no oil is needed for perfect results. And because it’s PTFE and PFOA free, all you’ll ever taste is the natural goodness of your food.

But that’s not all! Want to switch from hob to oven? Need to brown off that omelette under the grill or toast the top of that tart? No problem, this copper pan is oven-proof up to 260°C!

Treat yourself to the beauty and performance of a copper frying pan today and, finally, bring the beauty of copper to your kitchen.

Pan Diameter: 10 Inch (25 CM)
Stove Type: Gas & Electric (Not For Induction)
Pan Capacity: 1-2 L

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