Ello Worm from Labyrinth Plush

Meet The Worm From The Labyrinth

William is a small creature who lives in Jareth's Labyrinth, and is a featured character in the film of the same name.

The creature is known simply as The Worm and his missus live among the twists and turns that make up the Labyrinth. They spend their days sipping tea and keeping poor lost travellers from taking a wrong turn and ending up in the court of the Goblin King.

Order The Worm today and he'll help you find your way! Or at the very least, cuddle with you at night.

Ello The Worm

An Adorable & Whimsical Stuffed Toy

"Come Inside And Have A Nice Cup Of Tea!"

If you're a fan of the movie Labyrinth, then you know who this is. you've probably even said 'ello to your fellow Labyrinth fans, many a'time.

Well, now is your chance to own this cute little guy.


Worm from Labyrinth

Soft, Cuddly & Unique

From the labyrinth to your home, it's The Worm Plush!

This toy is a great gift for anyone who likes unique fantasy toys or for anyone who is a fan of mythical beasts and creatures.