Playcast™ LED Bicycle Wheel Lights (2 Packs)


"I still have some residual anxiety after getting hit by a car on my bike over a year ago. I decided to put extra effort into being more visible. These are PERFECT. I got them for safety reasons only, I want to be not just visible but impossible to miss, but they also look cool and I'll admit I like the aesthetic too. Set up was a breeze, the instructions were clear and even with one hand I had no problems. Very pleased with my purchase."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Angie Dawson
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Be Clearly Visible On The Road!

Cycling may be an enjoyable way to commute and exercise, but when the sun goes down at the end of the day, it can become quite dangerous. The problem is, no matter what you wear, how many reflectors you have, or headlights/taillights your bike has; drivers may not be able to see you clearly with oncoming headlights shining in their eyes. Nearly 80% of all fatal collisions involving cyclists occur during low-light situations and that number increases even more when combined with fog or other weather conditions.

Playcast™ Led Bicycle Wheel Lights can drastically increase the chance of drivers seeing you because they are brightly colored. In fact, they can help you be more noticeable during the evening or night, regardless of what the weather may bring your way. As a bonus, they add beauty and style to your bicycle, which further captures the attention of anyone who sees them, including motorists, to ensure that they know you are there!



Why You Will Love Our Bike Wheel Lights

Be Seen in the Dark - On each of your bicycle’s wheels you can have 20 super bright LED lights that can be turned on when you want to increase your visibility in low light situations. The position of the lights around your wheels will give drivers and pedestrians the ability to see you coming from all directions. If you need to stand out during the foggy, early morning hours, you can switch to flashing mode.

Be seen in the dark

Durable and Water Resistant - The Playcast™ LED Bicycle Wheel Lights are made to last. They are waterproof for all types of weather and does not break easily thanks to ABS coated copper wiring. You can even park your bike in a puddle for hours and the lights will still work as you expect them to when you turn them on.

Add a Cool Factor to Your Bike - These LED bike lights add coolness and style to your bike that will make riding even more enjoyable. They are available in several solid color choices, or you can have a mix of all colors too. Regardless of how you choose to illuminate your wheels, everyone who sees you will be impressed!

Cool Bike Wheel Lights 

✅ Fits On Any Spoke Wheel Bike - Unlike other bike lights, the Playcast™ LED Bicycle Wheel Lights are designed to work on any spoke wheel bike you choose to put them on. This makes them the perfect addition to kids and adult-sized bikes, even on wheelchairs. Everyone in the family can ride safely and have fun!

Fits on any bike

Easy to Install - Installing Playcast™ Led Bicycle Wheel Lights is easy and can be done quickly with the installation instructions. You simply place the battery box in the center of the wheel axle using the rubber gasket, and wrap the wire strand around a single spoke to take it to the wheel’s rim. From there, you wrap it around individual spokes all the way around the wheel’s inner rim, turn it on, and ride.



Be Safe & Ride In Style

Bike riding is something that should be fun and that families can do together without worry, regardless of the time of day. Riding as the sun goes down is challenging because it increases the risk to you and your family’s safety. This is made even worse by the fact that traditional bike lighting options are too dim to be seen easily by motorists, until they are potentially too close to react to seeing you.

Playcast™ LED Bicycle Wheel Lights will change the way that you and your family can play together, even as the sun sets at the end of your day. Unlike standard bike lights or reflectors, these wheel lights attract attention and can be seen over long distances. By making bicycles easier for motorists to see, these ultra-bright lights bring more fun to any biking adventure you choose to have.



Material: ABS and copper wire
Light Color: Red / Blue / White / Green / Multi-color
Light Bulb: 20 LED lights
Battery Required: 3 x AA batteries (not included)
Working Hours: 13-15 hours
Light String Length: 2m / 78.7" (Approx.)
Item Weight: 60g / 0.64oz
Comes in Set of 2 Packs


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