Toolsmax™ LED Work Light

"I just received these lights, and could not believe the level of brightness. Even in the middle of the day with the garage door open they looked like daylight. The magnets are incredibly strong and I placed these on each side of two ramps on a four post car lift and could see completely under the car from any angle with very little glare and no shadows as the light source is wide. I highly recommend these if you need a lot of steady light."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Eric Lambert
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Get More From Your Work Light!

Whatever task you're working on - be it camping out in the wild or fixing the car in the garage - you always want to find the perfect lighting for the job. While flashlights and overhead lights are useful to have on hand, they are not always practical for extended projects. They are often difficult to use and set up, use significant power, and offer inadequate lighting.

The Toolsmax™ COB LED Work Light can be your on-the-go light! This dedicated work light is designed to provide an excellent amount of light while also being simple to set up and operate. They are an excellent option for lighting source. Plus, they're long-lasting and energy-efficient, saving you the hassle of buying new bulbs every few months.

Adjustable brightness


Why Is This LED Work Light So Popular?

✅ ULTRA POWERFUL LIGHTING - This powerful LED work light produces highest brightness level at 700 lumens, strong enough to light up a large area, which is especially useful throughout the night. The different brightness levels also offer you the option to pick how bright it must be, so it's adaptable for use in smaller rooms.

LED Work Light

✅ ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS WITH 360-DEGREE ROTARY - Our LED Work Light has a unique 360-degree rotating design that offers multi-angle illumination and works great in any tight spot. What's more, it has different lighting modes. Depending on your needs, simply rotate the dial to adjust the intensity of light.

✅ USB RECHARGEABLE & SUPER LONG WORKING TIME - Our Cordless Work Light has a built-in 2400mAh rechargeable battery. That means you can efficiently use it for a longer time. It is ideal if you need a powerful light for indoor or outdoor activities.

Work Light with Magnet

✅ FUNCTIONAL AND DURABLE- This work light is efficient and robust for any situation. It is equipped with a durable handle, and comes with a magnetic base, allowing you to attach it to any metal surface for hands-free operation. LEDs have an average life expectancy of up to 100,000 hours and use only one-third as much energy compared with traditional lamps.

✅ PORTABLE & VERSATILE- The Toolsmax™ COB Work Light's ultra-slim design allows you to get into tight spaces and light up the area to see every nook and cranny. It works perfectly either as an LED work light, an inspection light at job sites, an underhood work light, or an outdoor lantern for car repair, hiking, camping, emergency situations, cycling, and survival.


See The Work Light In Use


Experience The Exceptional Lighting Power!

We understand how challenging and frustrating it is to use bulky and heavy lights, not getting sufficient light coverage, and the power usage you need when working. Large work lights can be cumbersome to set up and manage. And you have to deal with expensive batteries or messy power cords.

The Toolsmax™ LED work light is brighter and more luminous than many other average lights you will find in the market today. It
is affordable, versatile, and extremely bright, making it the best option for a broad spectrum of tasks. It's incredibly portable for hiking, fishing, or camping vacations. And it is a must-have for every technician!


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Size: 15 x 4 x 1.5 in
Battery: Built-in Li-ion battery, 2400mAh
Material: ABS
Light Source: COB
Working Voltage: 3.7V
COB Brightness: Up to 700 lumens
Charging Port: Micro USB (USB charging cable included)