Beautiful Blossom Lotus Birthday Rotating Music Candle

Beautiful Blossom Lotus Birthday Rotating Music Candle

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Have a memorable birthday celebration for yourself or someone special! You can do that with this really unique candle on your birthday cake.



1. Just light the candle center with a match or lighter to start the fun!

2. The candle will open up its petals and light all 14 mini-candles

3. Produces a beautiful center shower of sparks

4. Starts playing Happy Birthday melody and rotating

The petals are designed to catch any wax from the mini-candles so it won't spill onto your cake.

Perfect for any birthday celebration! Get yours today!

* To avoid any delay, order this candle at least 4 weeks before the actual birthday.

Note: Due to popular demand, please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping.

Note: Shipping to countries outside USA could take 4-6 weeks.