NuKids™ Magnetic Building Sticks


"Something about this toy makes it addicting in a good way. Even I find myself playing with it. The magnets are very strong and very easy to assemble. The plastic is thick and durable and likely to outlast my little one and will eventually be a great hand me down or donation to someone in need. The little one loves it and best of all it is very safe. None of these parts are small enough that a little one could swallow anything. Versatile and well worth the money."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Julie Blake
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Sparking Confidence & Creativity!

Most kids today are missing out on imaginative play, opting instead for the easier entertainment of technology. The reason for this is simple: most toys fail to provide both learning opportunities and sustainable fun, which allows boredom to set in. Kids then turn to easier options like television or video games, while parents worry about too much screen time.

Our NUKIDS™ MAGNETIC BUILDING STICKS can inspire your child to create new worlds of play with this toy! They are brightly colored blocks that combine the fun of magnets with functional shapes to inspire kids to get creative! They are never repetitive or boring because when a creation is no longer fun, they can break it apart and build something new, which keeps most kids entertained for hours!

Magnetic blocks


Reasons Your Child Will Love This

 Learning Through Play - Though designed for kids ages 3+, these magnets are safe to use for building at any age. Kids and adults will be fascinated by trying to come up with unique ways to put the magnets together and create the things they want to build. With each successful build, kids will have a blast showing off their skills, which is a huge confidence builder.

Promote creativity & imagination


Ignite Imaginations & Creativity - With each build, your child will learn how things come together and try to imagine what more they can do. This allows them to practice problem-solving skills and develops fine motor skills. These skills will be useful in their future and for other building types of play.

Promote Sensory Development - The first thing your child will notice is the bright, beautiful colors. When kids join different pieces of the set together, it provides them a sense of perspective and helps them to consider the spatial relationships between different objects.

Great toy for family 


✅ Awesome Toy For Entire Family - This is a fun toy that can be enjoyed by all members of the family together, from young toddlers to grandparents. Spending time building structures and shapes with each other can improve communication tremendously. When families play together, it builds bonds and strengthens relationships.

Safe & High Quality Material- These building magnets have large pieces that make it easy for even a little one to play with, and parents won’t have to worry about choking hazards. The balls measure 3.5cm (1.37in) and the stick pieces are 2in and up. Each piece is made with durable ABS plastic and permanently embedded magnets for hours of worry-free fun.


Endless Possibilities


Unleash the Imagination!

Modern tech toys, gadgets, tablets, and smartphones do not promote problem-solving, strategic thinking, and teamwork - that is why they fail to develop skills that are foundational to the future success of kids. We understand the desire to ensure your child takes their imagination and creativity to the next level. For parents everywhere, finding the perfect solution has been challenging, until now.

Our NuKids™ Magnetic Building Sticks set is the key to opening the door to a new way for kids to play. It stimulates creativity, motor skill development, and imagination while never becoming “boring”. The colors and simplicity of use, makes it possible for even the smallest builder to create masterpieces. Parents can now allow their children to have fun without worrying about the hazards of play!


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