Black Obsidian Wolf Head Pendant

Natural carved black wolf Obsidian pendant necklace

The Obsidian is a volcanic rock formed by rapid cooling of the lava, consisting mainly of silica. From this rock carved this beautiful wolf pendant, only for you!

Show your love and passion for wolves in a perfect way to reflect your personality.

This unisex black wolf necklace is the perfect signature piece to turn an outfit around. Can be worn with any outfit from your closet. This necklace will also make a great gift! 

Customer's comment:
"Great necklace for health while being fashionable, too! I just feel so much calmer when wearing this bracelet. I get compliments all the time and it goes so well with anything I wear.
Love it. Thank you"

Size: 50 x 38 x 8 mm
Material: Natural Obsidian Stone
Includes Beads Necklace

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