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Airsoft Paintball Full Face Protective Mask

Airsoft Paintball Full Face Protective Mask

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Skull Full Face Protective Mask With Various Designs

Face protection is one of the most elementary essentials in Airsoft Paintball games. Getting shot in the face can be extremely painful and also incredibly dangerous if you're not wearing the proper safety gear.

You want to make sure that your face mask is comfortable and doesn't limit your performance in the field.

These full face skull masks are precisely engineered for intense play with materials that add protection without limiting visibility, clarity or range of motion. They are breathable, lightweight, while providing strong protection for your face.

Great for cycling, hunting, airsoft, tactical game, Halloween and costume party uses.

Mask Material: Eco-friendly composite material
Size: 270 (Length) x 180 (Width) x 150 mm (Height)
Designs: Black, Grey, Captain, Cavalier, Wildfire

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