ReWorkout™ Resistance Bar Set


"This is a great product! Not only do I use it at home on a daily basis I also take it with me to the park too. The resistance is amazing too.. if you have different weight straps of your own it’s easy just click together and good to go! I’ll be recommended this product for sure"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Brandi Hall
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Full-Body Workout Anytime, Anywhere!

Getting into shape can be a challenge. For one, going to the gym each time you want to get active can be inconvenient, and memberships can be costly as well, costing as much as $50-$100 per session. The cost of home equipment is also a major obstacle, since they can be more expensive than many people are willing to shell out, and they offer only a few workout options.

You will never need to go to the gym again when you have the ReWorkout™ Resistance Bar Set. It is an easy-to-use piece of equipment that is perfect for yoga, Pilates, strength training, and more! Furthermore, unlike traditional workout equipment that only has limited functions, this product allows you to do a full workout routine on your own.

Full body workout 

Why You Will Love Our Resistance Bar Set

Works for Many Different Workouts - The resistance bar set can be used for almost any kind of workout you’re trying to complete. Functional for yoga or weightlifting or anything in between. It is the only piece of exercise equipment you will need to keep up with your daily workout.

Adjustable for Various Fitness Levels - The ReWorkout™ Resistance Bar Set comes with five different resistance bands. Each band is of different strengths and can even be combined if you’re looking for a more challenging workout. With this customizable workout system, you’re going to get the home workout you have been searching for.

Different resistance strength

Compatible with All Resistance Bands - If you decide you want to add more resistance bands into your routine, you’ll find that this is easy to accomplish. The set comes with a separate bar that is designed for use with multiple other resistance bands. This can easily help you to find your preferred type or strength!

Resistance band bar


Keep Fit Anywhere - These resistance bands are easy to store and carry so that you’ll always be able to bring your workout on the go with you. Its lightweight design will help when it comes to traveling to different places. Both storage and setup are easy, leaving you with a convenient way to stay fit.

Keep fit anywhere


 ✅ Safe & Easy To Use - The workout equipment you find in a gym setting can easily cause injury if you don’t use them properly. The Reworkout resistance bar set is much less likely to cause injury during use because it simply resists the movement that you are trying to do. This resistance will keep you safer as you work out!

Low risk training 

Enjoy Great Workout Without Going To Gym

Going to the gym can be a difficult experience for some, due to many different factors. However, most people agree that it is important if you want to stay fit and healthy. If you are unable to bring yourself to go to a gym, there are limited exercises such as sit-ups, walking, or running. However, they aren’t comprehensive enough for a full-body workout.

The ReWorkout™ Resistance Bar Set is a great way to have it all and will exceed expectations if you want a solid at-home workout. It is so simple to use, doesn’t require expensive or bulky gym equipment, and allows you to experience an amazing workout anywhere that can help you get the body you want, safely. No costly memberships or traveling to gym is required.

Package Includes:

5 Resistance Bands
2 Cushioned Handles
2 Ankle Straps
1 Door Anchor
1 Carrying Bag
1 Resistance Band Bar (Package 1)



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