Full Face Snorkel Diving Mask


These custom designed Full Face Snorkel Diving Mask is changing the game with its HD full 180 degrees view under water! Made with premium high quality material!

  Double air-flow channel - inhaling and exhaling separate channels for anti-fogging.
  Broadside dual sealing design imitating human face, made of liquid silicone without skin irritation.
  180 degree wide viewing with anti-impact safety window for good vision.
✓  With a breathing tube with dry top technology, so you can breathe freely underwater.
  Drain valve in the mask, to drain away the water by raising up your head when water leaking.
✓  Four adjustable elastic fabric headband, easy to wear and suitable for all kinds of head shape.

Mask Material: Polycarbonate shatterproof PVC
Lining material: Liquid silicone
Colors: Black, Blue & Pink
Size: S/M, L/XL

Package includes:
1 piece Snorkel Diving Mask
1 piece Storing Bag
1 piece English Manual

** How to select the right mask size:
1. Measure the length from the Eye to Chin.
2. If the length is less than 13.5 cm (5.2 inch), choose size S/M (Suitale for Junior and Adult Woman)
3. If the length equal or over 13.5 cm (5.2 inch), choose size L/XL (Suitable for Adult Men)

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Shipping to countries outside USA could take 4-6 weeks.


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