Soap Dispensing Kitchen Scrub Brush


Perfect Alternative to Sponges

Say “GOOD BYE” to germy and stinky sponges!

This little fellow will help keep your dishes, pots, pans, glassware, non-stick cookware or even your sink and countertop sparkling clean!

The heavy-duty scrubber makes removing dried-on or burnt food from cooking surfaces an effortless task! It is safe to use on non-stick surfaces, easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Comes with soap compartment, that will discharge the liquid soap through the scrub with a quick press, so you can scrub off food stains, grease and grime easily and quickly!

Our dish scrubber is small in size, rounded and ergonomically designed to provide optimal grip and scrubbing power.

This amazing palm brush makes quick work of dish washing job that might otherwise be daunting. It takes up little space on the counter.

Select the PET scrub head for non-stick pots and pans, or the Steel Wire scrub head for surfaces that require stronger scrubbing power.


"I love this little gadget! It helps so much with cleaning pots & pans and also if you just have a few small dishes to wash, just grab this little guy and give them a wash! It puts out a perfect amount of dish detergent and you can always press it again if you need more. It's easy to rinse off & store in It's little cup. I have it sitting on a shelf above my sink & I'm loving it." - N. Adkins

No smelly sponge

Bye bye smelly sponge!

Do you use a sponge to clean dishes and cutlery?

Sponges are unsanitary; they breed germs and bacteria over time leaving your kitchen smelling of stale food and causing a serious health risk.

No more soggy sponges sitting around growing and spreading bacteria on dishes and cutlery!

It’s time to get rid of smelly bacteria ridden sponges for something better.

Here is a BETTER Option!

Ultimate Dishwashing Tool In The Palm Of Your Hand

Dispenses soap on demand and makes washing dishes a breeze. The ergonomic shape gives you a comfortable, sturdy grip when washing dishes, while durable brush head scrapes off food residue without damaging the pot or pan surface. To refill, unscrew the cap and add liquid soap.

No more soggy and smelly sponges sitting around growing and spreading bacteria on dishes and cutlery!

Dishes are done faster and cleaner with less effort.

Great for dishwashing

More Than a Dishwashing Brush

This is so versatile, you can use it to scrub and clean your kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks and even bathtub!

Select the right brush head (PET or Steel Wire) for the type of surface to clean. The palm brush head can be easily replaced with a new brush head.

Our scrubber are rust-resistant, scrubs away stubborn stains, grease and grime that built-up over times.

Great for automobile, household equipment, commercial use and more.

Replaceable brush head

Replaceable Brush Head


Gentle, Non-Abrasive

Works on any surface

Works on Any Surface




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