Spinie™ - Weighted Hula Hoop


"I’m into getting back to shape recently and trying new things. This weighted hula hoop is definitely a must-try and a good addition to workout routines. I love that it is easy to use and fits perfectly. It surely helps burn calories and works great especially on the tummy area. I was not a hula hoop fanatic but this one is a game-changer!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Elizabeth Bondoc
✅  Verified Buyer


Finally! You can enjoy a hula hoop that STAYS on your waist.

Hula hooping is a great way to get some aerobic fitness, a low-impact workout, and have a lot of fun! However, a traditional hula hoop can be frustrating to use because it falls off your waist after every few rotations. It is impossible to keep one on your waist for more than a few minutes without dropping it.

The Spinie™ Hula fixed this problem! This adjustable weighted hula hoop will stay on your waist for as long as you wish. It will transform your body by burning calories, boosting metabolism, and strengthening your core while having fun. It can help to trim your waist & lose belly fat. If you are looking for a low-impact, high-intensity work out equipment, this is it!

Why Our Customers Love This Incredible Hula Hoop

✅ ALWAYS STAY ON YOU - With a no-drop design, this hula hoop stays on your waist all the time. You can enjoy video/music at the same time while working out with it, even beginners can use it effortlessly and have fun.

✅ ADJUSTABLE WEIGHT AND SIZE - One Hoop fits All! There's no need to purchase multiple sizes or weighted hoops. The hoop can be adjusted from 18 to 51 inches around your waist. Up to 2 pounds of weight can be added.

✅ BURNS FAT FAST - Burns fat faster than a regular hula hoop. According to the Mayo Clinic, 30 minutes of hula hooping burns roughly 165 calories for women and 200 calories for men. In the same length of time, you could use as much energy cycling, dancing, or shooting hoops.

✅ EXERCISE ANYWHERE YOU LIKE - The Spinie™ Hula Hoop is designed to be portable and lightweight; easily disassemble and take it anywhere. You can enjoy a high-intensity and calorie burning workout anywhere, anytime – perfect for use at home, in the office or anywhere really! Take a break, stretch your legs and start hula hooping!


Exercise anywhere

✅ EFFECTIVE FOR WORKOUT - A recent study showed that participants who hooped for 13 minutes a day over six weeks reduced their waist circumference and body fat, and they experienced increased muscle mass in their trunk.

How To Use

Let's HuLa!

We know you love working out with a hula hoop to stay in shape. But it can be challenging to keep the interest going because the hoop keeps dropping, taking the fun away rapidly. And it happens again and again... That can make your workout extremely frustrating. We are glad there is a solution to this.

With the Spinie™ Hula Hoop, there's no need to stop and pick up the hoop while working out. It is specially designed to stay on your waist while you are using it. You can keep going on with your exercise for as long as you wish, while enjoying music or video. It's a fun and easy way to get some exercise at home, in the park, or anywhere else.



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